It was 2015, and I had been planning on getting back to my music. I set my goal on being in a band, and I knew I wasn't getting any younger. I have a comparison to post that shows my music & vocal improvements over 3 years of time. In 2015 I sang "There Must Be Some Misunderstanding", and in 2018 I sang "Blue Skies" I don't have the time to get the practice in, so I haven't gotten in a band yet.


Here's another comparison, and this time it's with the same song sung by 2 different artist. It's The Beatles (who wrote the song) Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band/A Little Help from My Friends, and Joe Cocker sings his rendition of A Little Help from My Friends. The Beatles was recorded on my phone with lighting effects in my 18 wheeler semi truck while I was on my 10 hour rest at a rest stop off of Hwy 395 near Independence, California on 03-15-2018, and Joe Cocker was recorded on my phone at the NB Buttonwillow rest area in California on 10-07-2017. I really enjoyed my trucking days, and at the end of the day after all my work was done (whenever I had the energy) I really turned it on. I played my music, and after my night was over in the morning it was on to another destination driving my big-rig along the open highway.


I finally traded in my desk top computer, and got a lap top. I still used an external monitor, speakers, cam, mic, keyboard, and mouse. Here are some cool fun effects that came with my USB cam. June 09, 2014

I'm driving along in my taxi, and listening to some music. Take a ride along with me, and enjoy the music. I edited this on Pinnacle System video software, and the strobe effect I didn't intend to add to the video. I have reedited this video to fix the strobe effect, and have added more effects. I hope you enjoy it. "My Best Friend", "Ticket To Ride", & "Lights". March 17, 2015