My poems, my website, and my greeting cards “Little Wings for Our Children”

I started a web site when the computer technology first came out in 2001 (see my post My first web site 2001 Your Word is Love, March 15, 2019), and with that I started my first business. I decided to use my poems, and photographs to make greeting cards to sell on my new web site. I had several business offers on this poem "Little Wings for Our Children" painting "Angel in the Garden"

Little Wings-for Our Children

Redeem me, oh mighty one, for I'm lost. Overcome with trials, and tribulations. The sower has sowed the seed, and the reaper is ready for the harvest. Come to the waters, and your tears will cease.

Little wings don't fly away, come back and redeem me. We shall overcome the great tribulation together. Don't dry that tear from your eye. Walk with me on this chosen path of life. The Lord knows, and hears my prayer. Jesus is joy of my desire.

Free to live, to love , and learn. Spread your wings, and soar above the skies. Free to find a hidden song in your heart, soul, and mind. Free to give, and share with each other a special gift we have from above. The gift of a Father's love!

Little wings, little wings learn to fly free to touch the golden sky. Little wings, you're like heaven's angels above. That tiny gleam within your eye, and that shining gleam upon your smile. A gift of life, and the joy you bring.

Little wings, little wings where have you gone so far? You've touched the hearts of the old, and made gentle the wise. Little wings, you're like heaven's angels above. You're a gift from God. A gift of his love.

Little wings, little wings oh, how you've grown. I want to see the gentle smile on your face, and to give you a warm embrace. Little wings, little wings you're like heaven's angels above. So sweet, and so simple is a child's love.

Little wings, little wings oh, how you've grown. Grown up to be an adult with God's vision that you hold. A gift of God's love, and servant of his will. There's a time to leave home, and a time to be still.

Little wings, little wings I love you so dear. You're the joy of my life. You make wise the simple, and make hearts merry. You're so pure, and so simple in my presence. I know you're all joy to me. Sweeter than a song of love.

Like every drop of rain, like every ray of sunshine, and all the pleasant things I've experienced in life. You're the joy of my life, and the love of my soul. You're my child I want you to know.

God has a special plan for you. You've set an example of what heaven's majestic glory would be like upon the earth. Wise prudent child steadfast, and true. Faithful from glory to glory God's changing you.

Little wings, little wings why can't you see? There's a guardian angel watching you behave wonderfully. There's a spirit within us, it isn't hard to believe. The precious gift of life that we all receive. A child's love is as sweet as an angel sometimes.

Little wings, little wings there's a guardian up above who won't leave, or forsake you. He'll only show you God's love. He'll keep an eye on you always, and protect you to keep you safe from harm. Your guardian angel has extended his hand of God's love.

Little wings, little wings I want you to know there's an angel so pure of light, his wings are of gold. Little wings, little wings I want you to know you're like the pure at heart. A child as well.

Oh heavenly angel, to be like you is a child's nature, simple and true. I go along each afternoon with a prayer in my heart, and a song that I sing. I don't wander, because God shows me the way. The wisest of hearts are with those who receive a child's love well.

A parent's tears of joy are caused by their child's love. An innocent child is like an angel that spreads it's wings, and flies along a chosen path. It glides, and soars until it finds a resting place. A child's innocence is found, and their parent's faith is renewed with the love of their child.