I’m going to truck driving school for my class A license

Hi, What have I been doing all my life? When I was growing up I always wanted to be a fireman, but then I found love on the internet. So, I decided to be a truck driver (didn't succeed at love), and here are a few of my first videos.

The first two videos are also on my Facebook post, and I copy/pasted the text from the post to here.

08-20-2016 I'm gonna get ready for bed. Training to be a truck driver at the Rodeway Inn. CR England truck driving school.

Well here I was lying in bed in my motel room waiting to get started at another day of trucking. Another trip to who knows where, but I like my new job. I liked what I was doing, and it was time for bed. Good night everybody. 09-15-2016 Phase 1 training CR England.

This is what it looked like to me from the drivers seat of my 18 wheeler big-rig semi-truck on my 2nd day after getting my class A drivers license. 09-03-2016

This is the same video with added effects, and the mirror effect. 09-03-2016