Homeless, then I have a home, and then a world wide pandemic

In January 2019 I became homeless, and I was living in my car for 9 1/2 months. Seven of those months I had no money for fuel, and I had parked on the same street for six months. I had begun to pray to God, and asked for him to provide for me (thank you Jesus). I received EBT monthly for food, and I had a roof over my head at night (thank God). Then I had to get rid of my car, and I was on the streets at night for two weeks. I went to the Downtown Los Angeles Union Rescue Mission where I stayed for the next two months, and I had a roof over my head again (thank God). I was homeless for 1 year, and then I found a home (thank you Jesus) God will provide, and prayer does work. Then in two more months came the world wide pandemic with the Coronavirus, and it's more difficult times this time the whole world is  going through it with me. I've been praying all along for healing, safety, to stop the spread, and a cure (vaccine).  God is going to get us through it all, and let us all believe.