Facebook fun videos I like to act

Here are 32 Facebook fun videos I made (from my Facebook camera & Messenger) from 2017 thru 2019, and now I made them into one video 9:54 05-23-2019
I know I can be a real bear in the morning, Queens vs. Kings (more ITunes), I want to know you're who you are, No more interruptions, I will start chat on my web site, 50 ways to leave your lover, I've changed some but Happy Halloween, I'm a fire breathing man, I'm a real dog sometimes, Mirror image kiss kiss, Swallow the Ocean, Cool with you cool with me, Oh what a song good night, Man's not hot, Boom box hi, Kiss the Girl, Be my bite I would like to eat you, Sleep of the dead, Coco-skeleton, Gobble gobble gobble I'm a turkey Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays Facebook, Ho ho ho Merry Christmas, I'm just abiding my time, My darker side isn't like my walk in the light, Creepy man with bats coming out of his head, Crybaby, Go to sleep (big man), Eaten alive in Jumanji, Walking Dead, I am a machine, I'm with the Justice League (I hope you like it) Doctor Who Regeneration