Hi, my name is Kelly Martin, and this is my blog. I grew up in Long Beach, Ca, and I have many happy memories. I've always enjoyed the arts & entertainment, and I wanted to be an entertainer myself, too. In my own time I've taken up photography, videography, and music. I spent a lot of time with my music, and studied some in college, too. Eventually I got a computer, and then came out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new digital technology. I'll be posting both old, and new here. They came out with this computer technology creating a world wide network called the internet, and I became interested in building my own personal website for the world to see me. It's an never ending project with all that we have in the world today that inspires me to want to create more art, build ideas, and hope to inspire others. Bye, until next time, and have a great day!

Kelly's music